Infographic Marketing Techniques to Improve SEO

What is Infographic Marketing?

Infographic marketing can act as an effective tool to digital marketing campaigns and other marketing tactics. It is a great way to generate relevant and high-performing backlines which than leads to organic search traffic.

Infographics are very trendy when it comes to sharing content that is presented in a much visually appealing and easy to digest format while still conveying significant information or date on a specific topic. It’s a great way to present a complicated or uninteresting topic into a pleasing experience for the target audience.

With the short attention span marketers develop new tactics to capture target’s attention, and infographic is a successful way to grab users attention while delivering the core message. Due to the fact the brain is dedicated to visual elements and proven that 65% of the population are visual learners.

So the question is, what makes an effective marketing infographic post?

There are curial steps to take part and NOT to leave out when creating an infographic. Whether design or content related, infographics must contain a consistent layout design, legible content and relevant visuals to generate an easy digest to the audiences.

This infographic demonstrates have to get started with infographic marketing:

  • Search on Google to find a relevant topic.
  • Collect key information related to the topic.
  • Design it accordingly.
  • Design tips: Think about the layout before the design.
  • Make sure your link is visible in the infographic itself.



The benefits of infographic marketing

  • Visually appealing, grab audience’s attention within the short time span.
  • Great way to introduce a subject, creating more engagements.
  • Encourages audience to share on social media platforms.
  • Reinforce a brand, creating brand awareness.
  • Increases S.E.O organic efforts, driving more traffic to web pages.

How dose infographic marketing help with S.E.O marketing efforts?

Infographics can be utilized to improve with S.E.O, the ideal way is to promote your well-designed and relevant infographic. Although there are many methods to utilize when promoting infographic, one of the most effective way is to take advantage of Guestographic. With Guestographic you can promote an infographic while gaining

Relevant backlines and organic search traffic. As for the results, the Guestographic method will attract targeted traffic, increase brand awareness and increase more social shares.


What is: Guestographic is a new way to link building while utilizing infographic as the core message.  Rather than just publishing infographic and hoping other publications and audiences will share them, you can easily link prospect to find your link/page targets.  To do so, use Google Trends or Google search engine to explore topics those are relevant to your infographic you created.

It would be a smart move to email your prospects about your work, while offering free infographic posts.

Another relevant method to improve your S.E.O efforts, by taking advantage of Blogging Aggregators.

Blogging Aggregators:  

What is: Blogging Aggregators are very similar to Guestographic instead of reaching to prospectors, blog aggregators are sites that link to blogs, topics, and categories. It allows users on these sites to search for specific topics by using keywords. Therefore you can submit the infographic post to blog aggregators to drive more traffic and increasing relevant backlines.

Recap checklist Infographic marketing 

  • Generate and produce quality infographic with added value.
  • Analyze other related publications that generate content about your infographic topic.
  • Reach out, email, submit and sent your infographic.
  • Proposal additional and unique content.
  • Obtain appropriate backlinks.

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