Take Control of Your Online Reputation

Bury negative articles:

Push poorly performing review sites or media coverage to the 3rd/4th/5th page so that no one will see them

Local and Review Management:

Clean up and improve ratings on review sites. Rank better performing sites.

Monitor reviews and chatter:

Keep every listing asset clean and up-to-date. Be notified when a review has been posted and act quickly.

Protecting Your Online Reputation

Nearly 80% of customers trust reviews and search results as much as a friend’s recommendation. After it’s all said and done, what we value most is our personal and professional reputation. Online reputation management is a vital service, which can combat libellous chatter which has the potential to snowball out of control. A single review or element of media coverage can send consumers running in the other direction. Our team can move to remove postings, generate positive chatter and clean up page 1 & 2 of search rankings to bury negative results, a tactic we have not seen emulated by any other digital firm.

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Taking control of your online reputation management

Vol & Tier Digital has built an effective strategy that has cleaned negative
articles from search results from dozens of clients. Below is a high-level overview of our strategy:
Build Assets

Create and build out review websites. Monitor 24/7 and respond to inquiries. Increase overall visibility.

Rank Assets

We use our blog network, government directories and proprietary strategies to rank those assets

Social Signals

Google is increasingly recognizing the importance of social. We integrate social sharing to further boost content


Our 24/7 team monitors and responds to inquires. Once your reputation is clean, we make sure it stays that way

Unlike other reputation firms, we take a multi-tiered approach to guarantee results. It’s not enough to just build review portals or landing pages in today’s competitive market. We leverage our background in Public Relations and Search Engine Optimization to quickly rank high authority articles and assets. You’re in good hands.
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1 libellius piece of media destroyed my business for the greater part of a year. These guys were my saviour!
M.D. Toronto, Canada

Even one negative piece of press can be the impetus to send your business into a death spiral.Before the advent of the internet, a person’s reputation was less vulnerable to malicious attacks, negative press and even smears by jealous competitors. As Google became the ruler of the kingdom there grew an entirely new space for each of us to have to monitor and defend against, searches of company names or even our own. For entrepreneurs and those who operate sole proprietorships online attacks can feel very personal and induce a large of amount of stress and anxiety.

93% of online experiences today start with a search engine. If one of these searches is a person’s first impression of your company, that first blush must be free from anything that could cast any doubt.

There are multiple elements that could contribute to a negative online reputation:
  • Poor reviews (including both the rating and the comments)
  • Negative posts on social media feeds
  • Tweets that index on Google and show up in search results
  • Negative media attention from online newspapers
  • Negative media attentions from bloggers

Google is a search engine but it is also a credibility builder. Many people instinctively trust the top 1-2 hits on Google for a keyword as they assume they have a tried and tested reputation as a leader in the field. This is not always the case. Perhaps they have simply hired a strong SEO company to boost their rankings.

Page 1 of Google is where most people sift through to get all the information they can about a company or person. Most rarely venture to page 2 meaning you have about 10 results you (or you digital marketing company) need to control. Page 1 is still the judge, jury and executioner for your online reputation.

Once you business has been hit by one of the elements above, damage is imminent. This could be in the form of loss of clients, loss of leads, decreases in revenue or even the complete deterioration of the business entity itself.

Quite simply, it’s a very serious issue under which time is of the utmost importance.

Online reputation management companies were created as a viable defense for you and your business. Unfortunately, the large majority of them are simply smoke and mirrors. They are often situated overseas and employ strategies over a 1-3 month period that they know won’t work. Frankly, most are a cash grab and it’s unfortunate that they have tarnished those of us who have a proven track record of results for a wide range of clients from major online travel sites to small businesses like local dentists and doctors.

So how do we do it?

Reputation management is not easy. It’s quite laborious and on the higher end of services we offer. Fortunately, our tactics have guaranteed results for clients including those who have paid us a flat fee, ONLY when their result was obtained. Try asking for that arrangement from our competitors and watch them run for the hills.

There are multiple elements involved how we manage your reputation. Most are proprietary and trade secrets but in short we:

  • Work with media outlets to remove content that is defamatory;
  • Construct positive review profiles (where applicable) from real people with real accounts;
  • Boost positive content up page 1 to supplant negative content using SEO tactics;
  • Drive negative content down page 1 using SEO tactics;
  • Have native English writers compose high quality content both on and off-site;
  • Boost social media accounts including Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook;
  • Monitor media mentions online to see if there are interview opportunities that (with heavy keywords in them) could boost up page 1;
  • Purchase brand content which will reside on page 1;
  • Construct off-shoot sites with positive content related to your business and boost them accordingly

And of course, once we’ve put the Band-Aid on the problem, we work to make sure it doesn’t happen again with a micro-analysis of all sites on page 1.

Our research can show us what elements are involved in the rankings of the sites on page 1 and even if your competitor is behind any of this wrong doing.

Online reputation clients receive weekly reporting including:
  • information about links to you domain that have been added or removed;
  • media opportunities that are available to generate content;
  • tactics we have employed and our rationale;
  • current page 1 rankings of all sites and any changes in site positioning that have occurred;
  • proximity to client’s goals and estimated timelines

Many PR companies have started to offer online reputation as a service within their organization. In short, it is “the new PR.” Unfortunately many of them lack the digital acumen to follow through on deliverables, which goes beyond obtaining positive press coverage.

Vol & Tier is committed to restoring your reputation in an expedited but realistic timeline. There are no smoke and mirrors with us. We tell it to our clients straight. Sometimes it can be as quick as 6 weeks or even as long as 6 months.

At the end of the day, we don’t have control over Google’s search engine including their algorithms. It is Google’s world and like everyone else, we’re simply just playing in it. Anyone that tells you otherwise is lying.

Another element of this discussion is the changes in Google’s algorithms, which can turn on a dime and drastically throw a company’s efforts into disarray. That’s why it is important to hire an online reputation management company that is both up to speed on proposed changes and has enacted a strategy around them.

That being said…

We think that it is important to manage expectations for clients and only work with those who understand what can be done. If a company’s online reputation is littered with a handful of articles around terrible practices it can be next to impossible to salvage it. The types of clients we partner with are those who have 1-3 isolated incidents in their online footprint. Connect with our team today and let’s chat about what’s possible for you. This is one of those things in life that you cannot afford to put off.

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