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Having had the opportunity to work with and understand 100s of businesses in Miami, Florida and across the U.S., the largest issue businesses face is a lack of visibility. It’s not enough to have a retail presence on Ocean Drive or to spend millions on media buying. Unless potential customers can find you via search engines, it becomes difficult (if not impossible) to generate new business.

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All Encompassing SEO Strategy

Unlike traditional SEO companies in Miami, our team is comprised solely of PR professionals and entrepreneurs with a proven track record. Our Miami team uses their PR experience to work with bloggers / news outlets to generate press and backlinks that help boost search results. By taking a strategic approach and pitching unique angles, we are able to achieve higher hit rates with media on high authority sites. This white-hat approach keeps your business visible on the top of page 1 and allows you to dominate your competitors.

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Gaining Reputation Through SEO

Miami is becoming the global gateway for Latin American businesses and tourists. This presents a generational opportunity for many businesses who want to invest in their brand and gain a presence in this market. While many will turn to PR firms and Media Buyers in Latin America, they often forget the fool-proof method of search rankings.

As a Miami business owner, you are likely bombarded by account executives offering a multitude of options for your marketing mix. In addition to being experts in digital marketing, we are also veteran entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes.

The daily inundation we received was overwhelming but was helpful in bringing us back to the same conclusion, there is simply nothing better than Google.

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Neutralize Your Competitors Through Advanced Analysis

There’s no magic number of backlinks, on-site article content amount or social signals to dominate the first page of Google. While we have built proprietary signals and approaches to outrank, analyzing your competitors (who dominate search engine results) strategies is the first place to start. We look at their backlink profile and anchor text, on-site keyword mapping, breadth and depth of on-site articles and overall strategy. With this, we are able to fully understand your competitors and how to neutralize their strategy.

One of our clients, a Miami Personal Injury Law Firm, was struggling to reach the top 50 for multiple “money” terms (search terms that lead to high quality traffic and conversions) so they took a chance on us. We analyzed each competitor on the first page and mimicked their back link profile and other on-site strategies.

The next step was to apply our own proprietary techniques including generating content for media outlets, increasing the breadth and depth of article posting, submitting content to web 2.0 properties, and submitting content to our own network of news sites.

In only 77 days, this Miami law firm was able to consistently hit the top 3 (and #1 for over 300 search terms). On average, the firm was generating approximately 55 leads / day through organic search (up from 5 before engaging with Vol & Tier Digital).

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Consistent SEO Reporting and Results

You need someone with the experience, the certification, and a track record of excellence. A true Miami SEO pro will save you time, money and effort by targeting the right audience: the Miami market. So stop wasting time and get the right help.

Our Miami SEO team is in constant contact with your business. We work to better understand it to provide the most effective service. The team also provides monthly reporting and analysis with monitored keywords increasing on a monthly basis as we grow your overall SEO profile and traffic.

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The Best Investment You Can Make

Advertisements in the traditional sense are a complete bother.

Media buyers launch a campaign through radio, tv, out of home or digital using an approach that, even if carefully planned, is still bordering on “spray and pray.” While you may be able to isolate a specific demographic, the key still remains honing in on that specific psychographic. More importantly, you need to work on attracting the customer within the very small window that they want something, whether that is a product or a service.

This is the backbone of Google as a corporation. A search engine poses a simple question to a user and connects them with their “want” within seconds. It doesn’t reach out to them when they are in a commercial break or distracted passing a billboard. A search engine is only used in the exact moment of demand.

Google has built on this with additional products such as maps (with ads) or even re-marketing display ads, which allow a brand to stay top of mind with a consumer who once showed interest. Still, at the end of day, the core product of the search engine is the greatest investment you can make.

Let’s do some math.

If your business is in the niche of real estate in a specific city, Google’s keyword planner will show you how much search volume that keyword does on a monthly basis, as well as the derivatives around it.

For example, if your business is “SEO Miami” there would be a specific keyword volume for that as well as derivatives such as “SEO company Miami” “Miami SEO” etc.

Determining the search volume lets you know if it is worth investing in an Adwords or SEO campaign around it. If you see a niche with high search volume and low competition then you know you have stumbled upon a great opportunity. A lot of niche tech businesses come about by this determination.

Now let’s say a niche does 5000 searches a month from the combined keywords above. On average the first two hits are going to get around 60% or so of that. So in essence, if you are one of those first two businesses you are guaranteed to have over 1000 visitors to your site just through SEO efforts per month. This doesn’t even take into account searches for your specific brand name or traffic you drive through other means such as social media advertising or content generation.

Assuming you have a strong website with conversion tactics in place and brand credibility, you can then work to convert a percentage of these users. At say 2% you’re converting 20 new customers per month, approximately 1 per business day.

Name one other tried and tested method that delivers constant lead generation like that.

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