One of the biggest problems plaguing the SEO industry is transparency.

Sadly, there are so few companies who are able to consistently deliver strong ranking results for their clients. Many operate on a revolving door model, filling the pipeline with new clients weekly and forcing them to commit several months knowing they won’t deliver. We have heard of horror stories of firms failing to even drop a single link to their client’s website. Not a bad business when you make 100% profit (if ethics aren’t your thing).

Because this behavior can be so rampant, it creates a tough sales job for our team. We spend hours earning the trust of our clients who may have heard rumors about the industry or have been burned by an SEO company in the past. What we offer is total transparency along with managed expectations. We don’t make big claims for our clients. We build trust over the first set of months so that they are our clients for years to come. This is good for our business model and theirs as well.

We provide a great deal of resources up front to our client so that they start to see immediate results. Once their concerns are assuaged, we work alongside them as digital consultants. We explain what’s not working, what’s working and what else we can try in its place. SEO is not about dropping a bunch of links and hoping for the best. It is a calculated science which works best with a slow steady built.

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