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Our agency is comprised of influential PR strategists, media buyers and news editors that can provide copy & placements strategies that consistently provide higher Click Through Rates (CTR) & lower client budgets. Our team of Google certified Adwords specialists work in tandem to create highly optimized, cost effective leads.

  • Lower your cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • Calculate and optimize your ROI
  • Remarketing campaigns to leverage existing traffic
  • Bi-weekly campaign monitoring and adjustments
  • Advanced analytics and reporting with multiple recommendation options

What Can Our PPC Search / SMM Team Do for You?

Our team of experienced PPC search / Social Media Marketing (SMM) professionals and PR / media strategists work in tandem to provide creative solutions that vastly increase your footprint.
Extensive Keyword Research

We understand, inside and out, the industry, keywords and competition before implementing a strategy.

Build a Strategy

Implement a campaign strategy that is optimal for your target marget and designed to generate buzz, PR and consistent traffic.

Major Ontario University – January 2015

A major Ontario University wanted to drive recruitment for fall 2015 classes on both search engines and social media. Our team took a three-fold approach during which we:

– Ran geo-targeted ads reaching pockets of students with meticulously drawn geo-fencing around high schools in Ontario

– Used a long-tail keyword strategy to bid on Google with cost per click as low as $0.19 (compared to $5.00+). Our team was able to achieve click through rates in the low teen’s, with a CPC around 90% lower than previous campaigns run by the University.

– Developed a content driven SEO campaign which drove over 2000+ new search hits / month and placed the University on the first page of search engines for over 35 different keywords.

digital advertising

The world of digital advertising is vast and ever-changing, just like everything else on the internet. While banner ads were once the go-to for digital marketing, advertising management tools have shown them to be ineffective, and today they are being replaced by ads that are more dynamic, more visible, and more impactful. Gone are the days when businesses just placed ads at the top of a website, and today, some of the more popular digital spaces for advertising include:

  1. Promoted ads on search engine results pages
  2. Google AdWords, which uses keywords to target your advertising to the right consumers
  3. Social media advertising, which can be done through networking sites like Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  4. Blogs and citizen-run websites

And as the banner ad becomes less popular with advertisers and consumers alike, more and more businesses are turning to emerging and alternative types of advertising, such as:

Pay per click: these are ads that a business only pays for when someone clicks on the ad, meaning you only pay when a potential customer sees and pays attention to your ad. The cost of each click is determined by the keyword you choose: the more competitive and valuable the keyword, the more expensive the ad.

Cost per thousand impressions or cost per impression: known as CPM or CPI, these ads are usually visual ads, and the advertiser pays on an impression or per thousand impression basis. An impression is when an advertisement gets displayed because a user navigated to where the ad is being hosted. One of the drawbacks of this type of advertising is that there’s no guarantee that your potential customers are actually paying attention to the ad.

Cost per acquisition: this type of advertising is different from CPI and CPM in that an advertiser doesn’t just pay for an impression that may have gone unnoticed. Instead, you only pay when a customer actually takes action on the impression and a lead is generated. The good thing about this type of ad is that you can decide what constitutes action, and this could include a page like, registration, contact, or a submitted form.

Retargeting: also called remarketing, this method uses cookies to track visitors to a website so that ads are only displayed to returning visitors. The logic behind this is that a returning visitor is more likely to be ready to make a purchase, so the ad isn’t being wasted on first-time visitors who are just browsing or researching.

I met with five SEO agencies in Toronto and was blown away by the creativity of this team. Many agencies are formulaic in their ways but Vol and Tier was honest, direct and outlined strategies which shot me ahead of my competitors within 8 weeks…
Kathleen PortisMarketing Manager, Focal Point Research

 Ensuring Your Ads Reach the Right Audience

One of the best things about digital advertising is that it can be targeted directly at consumers who are looking for products and services similar to what you offer. The internet allows for this thanks to keyword tracking, which lets advertisers locate potential clients based on internet searches.

With modern search engine optimization techniques has come the practice of using long tail keywords, which allows businesses and advertisers to identify and target users who are looking for something very specific and who are ready to make a purchase. Long tail keywords are search terms that are longer and more specific than basic keywords. For instance, whereas a customer in the research phase might simply search for “shoes,” a customer who is getting ready to buy might search for “cheap black running shoes.” One aspect of digital advertising management involves determining what your customers are searching for and deciding on the best keywords to target them.

Tracking Efficiency and Reach

Another great thing about digital advertising is that the advertisers who are paying good money for the ads can track their effectiveness. Thanks to tools like Google Analytics, KISSmetrics, and Bing Webmaster Tools, marketing teams can track just how well a specific ad placement or keyword is performing, and can make adjustments based on those analyses.

In fact, these tools can even allow you to track how a specific ad affects conversion rates, and this is a far cry from the old days when advertisers could only guess at how well an ad performed based on a newspaper’s circulation. This aspect of digital advertising management requires time and familiarity with the different tracking techniques, but it’s well worth the time and effort. Advertising in the digital age may seem more complicated, but the tools available to companies today actually make advertising more targeted, more accountable, and more effective.

There are new types of advertising opportunities arising all the time. Thanks to analytics tools, your business can direct your marketing dollars at customers who will be receptive to your message, keep track of how well different ad campaigns perform, and gain new customers who are looking for exactly what you have to offer. The key to digital advertising, however, is managing the campaigns to ensure that your ads are in fact reaching the right people at the right time.

The bottom line

The amount of options in the realm of digital advertising is overwhelming for any business. The problem is that many of them don’t really work. If you find the right option however, it can be the perfect fit.Traditional media buyers are happy to take carriage of your ad budget, charge their 15% management fee and disregard the dismal analytics numbers. What works for one industry often does not work for another. In addition to tried and tested methods such as pay per click, we manage large digital ad budgets, which also maximize inbound traffic and SEO, in the form of coveted backlinks. The banner ad is dead. Everyone knows it but many are scared to say it. We gather valuable analytics, which determine the demographic and psychographic of your customers and build a multi-faceted ad strategy which targets them from all angles. We schedule monthly calls and email lengthy reports to show you what has worked, what hasn’t and how we’re adjusting to find that sweet spot.

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