9 Actionable On-Page SEO Tips To Boost Traffic to Your Site

9 Actionable On-Page SEO Tips To Boost Traffic to Your Site

For your site to have high traffic and for your site to rank highly on search engine result pages, you have to ensure that the factors used by Google and other search engines are optimized on your page. While numerous external factors affect your ranking, internal elements within your website take priority and require your full attention. The internal factors are the on-page factors.

For high-ranking, overlook your emergency contact form and divert all your efforts on the following:

  1. Include your primary keyword in the title tag

The biggest and the most important on-page SEO factor is the title tag. When you place your keyword close to the start of your title tag, you add weight to your title. Search engines pick that, and it could contribute to a higher rank on search engine result pages.

For the right keyword, keyword research is important, and there are several tools needed for that. You should also include the primary keyword in the first 100 words of your content.

Keep in mind that the title tag should have a maximum of 60 tags. In addition to title tags, you should include meta descriptions. You have a character limit of 155 for meta description.

  1. Title

A visitor will click on the title of your post of scroll past fast if the title doesn’t stir an emotion or the need to find out more. You should also be keen to include modifiers to your title. Some of the best modifiers include ‘guide,’ ‘best’ or ‘review.’

Headlines for posts should be in an H2 tag – the headline tag. Subheadings should have targeted keywords, and they should be wrapped in H2 tags.

  1. Focus on creating content that drives traffic

Before publishing content, ask yourself if that content promises to drive up traffic to your site. Your content should add value to the lives of your readers. For readers to find your content fast, you should include long-tail keywords and keyword phrases.

On content, you should also check out for duplicated content. You will find yourself with duplicate content if you like to use different URLs for the same content. To get rid of the problem, you should create a sitemap to inform you on all the duplicated URLs you didn’t know existed. You can also use Google Webmaster tools to identify duplicated content.

  1. Website design

Your website design must be mobile-responsive.  If not, your site will have high bounce rates and also, Google has been penalizing sites with mobile unfriendly sites since 2015.

  1. Fast loading speeds

For a flawless user experience, your site should load fast. You can optimize your website for fast loading, and you can also reduce the size of images you use. Your ISP should be reliable, and also your servers should have a low downtime.

  1. Internal Linking

Use your site’s power to boost the performance of other pages on your site.

Other tips:

  1. Use social media buttons
  2. Post long articles
  3. Use outbound links.
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