5 Of The Best Mobile WordPress Themes

5 Of The Best Mobile WordPress Themes

In the online world having a mobile version of your website is just as important as any other aspect of marketing and promoting your business. Studies show that a massive portion of website’s unique hits come through some sort of device, whether that’s a cell phone, tablet, or even a kindle. So how can you be sure to build a beautiful and seamless site for mobile devices? If you don’t have your own website designer, the trick is through easy-to-install WordPress themes like the ones below.


Unicode is a beautiful website and it’s social media friendly. One Toronto-based cell phone repair company claimed it was a huge help for him to drive sales. This website is amazing at engaging visitors through it’s interactive and sleek design. It’s a very responsive mobile theme too, allowing you to quickly make adjustments where needed. The best part of all is this theme is designed for speed, meaning you won’t lose potential clients due to a sluggish connection or browser.


This mobile theme is endlessly attractive and responsive. If you run multiple pages on your site, consider this to be an excellent option. It’s able to work on a variety of websites so it can adjust fluidly to whatever your current set up now, making for an install of under a minute.


Rosemary is a great mobile theme because it’s so light and elegant. This layout looks classy while blending in social media to produce Instagram footers, brilliant social media icons, and a really cool featured area slider. This is the perfect theme if you run a blog and post a lot of Instagram photos or if you use a lot of social media in general and want to engage users more than ever.


Kalium is a great theme because not only does it have a beautiful design that helps to grow your creativity, but it also is a great service. The support team behind this theme will often update purchasers of this theme with the latest in advancements in the mobile theme market, so you’ll always be on the cutting edge. It can be integrated with SoundCloud, content dividers, loads of fonts, widgets, and more.


This wonderfully designed theme has incredibly well-written code with tons of features for you to choose from. Unicon can fit a multitude of websites to fill whatever need you may have from a mobile theme. If you get this theme, expect to have a great mobile website.

If you’re a serious website owner, then getting a mobile theme is a must, whether the theme is free or purchased. These are some of the best mobile themes out there.

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