4 Killer SEO Tips

4 Killer SEO Tips & Tricks According To Experts

This week we sat down with some incredible experts across the industry to get their advice on how to successfully promote a website such as the diamond and diamond lawyer reviews. What we found may surprise you. So buckle up and get ready to adjust your SEO strategies to increase your success!

1. Produce Quality Videos

If you head onto any large blog and scroll through their content, you’re likely to find some quality videos. It’s just the way that the market is growing. If you have videos then your viewers can connect your content with a voice and face. Quality videos are becoming cheaper to produce as well with a good camera rig being under $1,000 and with editing software getting cheaper to license. Videos are also going to help Google and other search engines index your blog posts and will increase their rank.

2. Optimize For Mobile Devices

Everyone is on mobile devices these days, so by not having a website optimized for it you are only hurting business. A simple mobile optimization doesn’t take long or cost much money as many web themes have built in mobile settings or if you use WordPress, then you can get a free or cheap plugin. There’s additional bonus points for those of you out there who manage to develop an app and get it into the Apple and Android stores.

3. Content Aggregation Is Only Growing

It’s amazing how seamless platforms are becoming. You can head onto any website and share content on a number of social media platforms from Pinterest to Twitter. You can review a restaurant on Yelp or a construction company on Angie’s List. As more and more markets get into aggregation of content, the easier it will be to find things on Google and other search engines. If you search for a restaurant, multiple pages will come up outside of the website due to review sites. Get your business listed in as many aggregates as possible to increase the chance of someone finding out about your business.

4. Interactive Content

Studies show that companies and bloggers who have interactive content on their web platforms have a reduced bounce rate (i.e. how quickly people leave your website). Lower your bounce rate and have the potential to increase sales and to increase brand awareness. By creating fun infographics (which also have the potential to go viral) and by being a little creative with the content you promote, you can increase business.

These four SEO tricks and tips are where the market is currently heading with online platforms, so the sooner you hop on board the more it will benefit your company.

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