SEO Companies Are Not Created Equally

We hate to say disparaging things about the competition but we’ve built our company to be the antithesis of everything that the majority of SEO companies represent.

Owning an SEO company can be an enticing idea for those who haven’t built a business around actually producing results. Most will drop a handful of spam links over a 2-3 month engagement and outsource all of the labour overseas for as little as $3 an hour. Under this scenario there is a 100% chance you will see little to no results. These sorts of companies never retain clients for a period longer than 3 months after their client has caught onto what is happening.

This is what 95% of clients who come to us for a second opinion have experienced. So much of what we do in the beginning revolves around gaining a client’s trust after an SEO company has shattered it. It can be very frustrating to work in an industry in which this sort of behaviour tarnishes us all. This is why we’ve had to come up with different pricing options that only pay us when you see tangible results.

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Ask yourself…

If someone is willing to do your SEO for a monthly fee of $300 or less…run for the hills. How is it possible that a business could operate with fixed costs (including composing the necessary thousands of words of content) and still bring home a worthwhile profit every month? The answer is, because it is all profit for them.

Real results take time and cost money. There are no shortcuts in business or in life for that matter.

So maybe to assuage your concerns you ask them to see some results and they forward you the rankings of a few clients who dominate the top slots. Impressive right? Sure, except for two problems:

  1. It’s likely not even their clients;
  2. These “clients” dominate keywords that get no search volume per month, meaning it doesn’t count for anything.

The reason Google is King is because they get it. They know that everything rests on their search results and credibility. They have thousands of employees involved in the process of constructing and altering search algorithms. These sorts of spam companies who cheat the system will never reach the top. If by some miracle they do, it won’t last for long. Google rewards brands that have quality content, earned credibility and who play within THEIR rules.

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What we do

When it comes to business theory, we know that it is in our best interest to build relationships with clients that last years, not months. That’s why we pride ourselves on being nothing like other SEO companies.

Some of the way we are different including tactics such as:

  1. Working with our public relations division to explore media opportunities including write-ups and necessary backlinks;
  2. Generate thousands of words of content for blog postings on industry related websites;
  3. Boost content through hundreds of social media accounts to provide extra juice through social signals;
  4. Micro analyze your competitors link profile to replicate efforts;
  5. Disavow any spam links which could be penalizing your ranking;
  6. Obtain links on hundreds of directories on our “golden list”

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And why do we work our butts off?

Though we often lose money in the initial months getting our clients up to speed we find that long-term relationships are invaluable. Long-term relationships mean clients for life who refer friends and let us both grow together.

Once our clients climb to the top of Google their newfound revenue allows them to expand their marketing efforts through us. If a term has enough search volume, SEO can be fool proof.

If the top 2 results for a search term generally get about 60% of the traffic and you are ranking for a keyword that does say 5000+ search hits per month, then you now have thousands of web hits per month from which a % will always convert. It’s that simple.

SEO is the psychology behind how we all behave and the greatest investment a business owner can make.

While ads may annoy, an individual on Google knows exactly what they want and requires it within seconds. We simply bridge the connection.

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Here’s an example that should provide some clarity:

If a company was launching an SEO campaign for an SEO company in Toronto they would attempt to rank for keywords such as “SEO Toronto” “Toronto SEO” “Toronto SEO Company” etc.

Let’s say these terms combined do around 4000 searches per month. Well the top two keywords are going to fetch a bit over 60% of that. So once you’ve made it to top you can enjoy a steady stream of 1000+ visitors per month, not including searches for your company name or traffic you get through other methods. For example, throw in some Google Adwords and that number might grow to 1500/month.

If you can convert a small percentage of these users with a strong website and reputation then you are well on your way to scaling your business. It’s really that simple.

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