• 5 Of The Best Mobile WordPress Themes

    In the online world having a mobile version of your website is just as important as any other aspect of marketing and promoting your business. Studies show that a massive portion of website’s unique hits come through some sort of device, whether that’s a cell phone, tablet, or even a…

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  • 4 Killer SEO Tips

    4 Killer SEO Tips & Tricks According To Experts

    This week we sat down with some incredible experts across the industry to get their advice on how to successfully promote a website such as the diamond and diamond lawyer reviews. What we found may surprise you. So buckle up and get ready to adjust your SEO strategies to increase…

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  • 1500x500

    Jeremy Diamond, Diamond and Diamond Lawyers Expands Across Canada

    Diamond & Diamond, one of Ontario’s largest personal injury law firms, has been able to expand rapidly using a multi-faceted digital strategy seamlessly integrated with traditional PR and media buying. With consumers constantly bombarded with advertising, standing out in the sea of noise becomes a constant struggle. Since taking over the…

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  • GuestBlogger

    Does Guest Blogging Help with SEO?

    The practice of guest blogging has been declared dead on more than a few occasions. For those not in the know, guest blogging refers to writing blog posts for other websites in your industry or niche, in return for the opportunity to include a link back to your website. Many…

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  • Blogging-SEO-ContentMarketing-BlogWriting-Tips-Advice-WordPress-Blog-Featured-Image-1

    5 Crucial Tips About Blogging for SEO

    The concept of blogging is no longer a secret weapon of only a handful of companies. Every reputable Toronto SEO company and content creator understands the value that a regular blog brings to a company. Individual blog posts commonly rank high in search engine results, because they deliver the information…

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  • backlinks-chains

    10 Cool Ways to Get Backlinks for Your Business

    In the world of SEO, backlinks are one of the major factors that can lead to your rise up the search engine rankings. Of course, there were so many unscrupulous marketers out there in the early days of search engine optimization that the practice became taboo, but it is still…

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  • profile_homepage

    Why the Future of Public Relations is SEO

    Public relations and search engine optimization may seem like strange bedfellows, but when you think about it, their role in a company is actually very similar. They’re both dedicated to increasing awareness, credibility, and visibility of the company or brand. The major difference is that where SEO focuses on search…

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  • 5

    A few words about SEO…

    Search engine optimization is something that most people have heard of, but not everybody understands. Many people erroneously assume that it’s a meaningless jargon term that gets thrown around in digital marketing circles. But SEO is anything but useless, and it’s a dynamic and adaptive field that changes and evolves…

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  • 1.2

    Reputation Management

    Public relations has always been tasked with the role of building and protecting a company’s image and reputation. This job has taken on a whole new dimension since the internet has connected the globe and allowed people from all over the world to discuss and share stories about their experiences…

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  • Objectively supply e-tailers

    Don’t Forget the Off-Site SEO

    Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has shifted over the past few years. SEO techniques have developed considerably, so modifications need to be made to your current strategy to make full use of these changes (including Off-Site SEO and On-Site SEO). On-page and on-site SEO are important methods that are used to…

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